Serious Collectors Get their Car Art Customized by artist michael irvine


In the past, reproductions were usually lithographs or serigraphs. In both cases, the technology was such that there was a deterioration of the printing plates during the print run. A lower number print had a greater value, because it was better quality than a higher number. ARTIST PROOFS (AP) were the artist's personal copies (usually 10% of the run) that he or she hand inspected for any imperfections. But things have changed.

With today's technology, offset lithographs are printed using metal plates, which have to be destroyed at the end of the run. The chances of imperfections are rare, plus Michael hand inspects each and every print when he signs it, at the time of ordering. So, how to make an Artist Proof truly unique and of a higher value? Customize it for each collector.

A REMARQUE is a small ORIGINAL pencil drawing or painting in the 'margin' of the Artist Proof. Remarques personalize and individualize a reproduction even further, therefore increasing the value. Artist Proofs with Remarque are of special interest to collectors because of the extremely small number produced.

Michael releases only 20 Artist Proofs for each of his paintings. Along with having an original drawing or painting in the margin, each one is dated for the proofing and remarque completion, titled, numbered and signed. Because no two remarques are ever the same, owning one of Michael's Artist Proofs with Remarque is really owning a a one-of-a-kind original!

Michael remarques the Artist Proofs as they are ordered. You can have as much or as little influence on the remarque as you'd like. If you would like something special (for example an engine detail or a portion of your car), please email us photos and Michael will do his best to make it happen. Each remarqued Artist Proof is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity and embossed with Michael's studio seal.

Here is an
what an
looks like.
Please note:
"Mach Speed"
(pictured here)
is sold out

(Gallery Edition Canvases of
Mach Speed
are available.)

Samples of Client Remarques

To help give you some ideas, here is a small sampling of Remarques Michael has done for collectors. Please note that the images shown below are reduced in size and at a very low resolution. Remarques usually end up being approximately 1.5"-2" high and 3"-4" wide. As is Michael's trademark, the originals are crisp, clean and highly detailed.