About GiclÉes

Giclée (pronounced
"zhee-clay") is a method of reproducing limited artwork that can produce reproductions that, at first glance, mimic the original. The image has all the tonalities and hues of the original painting.

'True giclées' are created using special light-fast inks on archival quality canvas. Each of our Gallery Edition Canvases is coated with a special waterproof UV protectant, to further ensure the integrity of the reproduction. When hung out of direct sunlight (like all originals and limited editions should be), our Gallery Edition Canvases have a light-fastness of between 100 and 200 years.

This unique medium and Michael's highly detailed, tight style, allows for crisp, vibrant enlarged reproductions of his originals. The fact that these enlargements hold the integrity of the original paintings is a testimony to the quality of Michael's craft.



Very Limited Gallery Edition Canvas Reproductions of Michael's original paintings.

One of the things that is unique about Michael's style, is that he paints at 100% size. In other words, when you receive your Limited Edition Print or Artist Proof with Custom Remarque, the image size is the same as the original. The details, some of them incredibly small, are all painted by Michael at the size you see them.

Michael loves big art. He'd love to do a larger painting, but working in watercolor, he is restricted in part by the size of the cold pressed watercolor board that he paints on. Watercolor allows Michael to create amazing reflections, subtle gradations and incredibly fine detail, but it is a very time consuming medium to work in. As highly detailed as his style is, combined with the fact that there are no "do-overs" when using a translucent paint, most paintings take between 600 and 800 hours to complete. So, you can imagine how long it might take to do a painting twice the size!

Michael's 'Gallery Edition Canvases' - very limited number of large canvas reproductions of most of his paintings. Reproduced using the giclée method on archival canvas, the results are fabulous! The incredible details, high impact color and reflections that Michael is so well known for, just BIGGER!

Our Gallery Edition Canvases are individually printed, proofed, coated and then signed by Michael. The special coating, not only provides additional protection against harmful uv rays, but also allows for easy maintenance. If you hang your canvas in a high traffic area like a dealership, business or garage, you can wipe it down a damp cloth and mild soap and water - without damaging it!



In the U.S.A. and Canada, our Canvases are shipped already stretched onto a frame and ready to hang. Because of the durable water resistant coating applied to Michael's Canvases after printing, glass is not needed - giving the final, stretched canvas the look of an original painting.

Whether you are decorating a rec room, bedroom or boardroom, Michael's Gallery Editions allow you to experience all that amazing detail and vibrant color at more than twice the size! 


Michael's Gallery Editions:

  • limited to only 50 produced of each painting
  • individually signed/numbered by Michael Irvine
  • two Certificates of Authenticity (Authentic Giclée print and Authentic Michael Irvine Reproduction)
  • biography/painting information sheet
  • highest quality archival, acid free, 100% cotton canvas
  • gallery wrapped (stretched/mounted onto stretcher bars) and ready to hang
  • size: varies depending on the painting - each approximately 3' x 4' (the short side is 36")
  • for sizes and to order, visit the individual painting pages on our website
  • free shipping
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We stand behind every reproduction - they are THAT amazing!