"There is nothing
quite like having an original painting.
There is,
after all,
only one.





Private & Corporate Commissions

Currently focusing his attention on American muscle cars and sports cars, Michael's past commissions have included widlife, vineyards, corporate buildings, private residences and aerial paintings of golf courses and of Niagara Falls.

Michael takes on a very limited number of commissions (approximately one every 12-24 months, or as his schedule allows) for both private collectors, as well as corporate clients.

Commissioning Michael to Create A Work of Art

  • Michael is not a portrait artist. In other words, he does not simply take a photograph or group of photographs and copy them in a painting. His work is about the story, hidden messages and deeper meanings. His settings, although based on real locations, are works of his imagination. He brings that to private and corporate commissions as well. Rather than individual vehicles, he prefers to take on commissions involving collections of cars.
  • The final painting size (approximately 18" x 24" to 22" x 29.5") is determined by the watercolor board that Michael paints on.
  • Once a price is agreed upon, a 50% deposit is required to begin, with the balance due upon completion.
  • Michael will provide you a pencil sketch for your review and approval, before he begins painting.
  • Once completed, the original watercolor painting is delivered to you, framed. Due to the high risk of glass breakage during transportation, unless otherwise discussed or alternate delivery arrangements are made, the originals are framed using UV grade plexi-glass.
  • Michael Irvine Studios Inc. retains all reproduction rights, unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • A Gallery Edition Canvas and several signed Giclée prints can be included as part of the package. Gallery Edition Canvases show off the detail that Michael is so well known for and are perfect for hanging in high traffic areas. Giclée prints can be gifted to family, friends and collegues, while the original remains safe.
  • To begin the commission process, please email the following information to us at autoart@michaelirvine.com. This will help Michael establish a basis for the price of the commission and estimate a possible completion date.

    1. Number of cars to be included.
    2. Makes & models (this is to give Michael an idea of the detail that might be involved and the types of reflective surfaces).
    3. Are the cars stock, or modified?
    4. Will you be able to supply some photos of the cars?
    5. What style are looking for (which of Michael's paintings most closely matches your "vision")
    6. Idea(s) of the setting (home, rural, existing, imaginary), if you have one in mind.
    7. Will you be able to supply some photos of the setting, if real?
    8. Would you like a Gallery Edition Canvas and signed Giclée prints, along with the original painting?
    9. Please include your name, address and a phone number you can be reached at during regular business hours.
    10. Rest assured, as part of our Privacy Policy, all communications will be kept strictly confidential.  — Linda & Michael Irvine

NOTE TO CANADIAN BUSINESSES: Canadian art, bought from a Canadian artist or company, through the business, can be written off at a depreciated rate of 20% a year. This applies to reproductions as well as originals and original commissions.