Inside the Art

As with most of Michael's work, it's all in the details.
And this painting is no exception. You'll have to look closely to spot the subtle reflections and hidden images. Here are just a few:

2010 Camaro with a reflection of the 1969

1969 Camaro SS 396 in
"Big Sky Country"

2010 Camaro SS



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Camaro ss Car Art by artist Michael Irvine

In September of 1966, General Motors debuted the first generation Chevrolet Camaro for the 1967 model year. Over the next 35 years, before the end of production in 2002, a total of four generations of the classic pony car would roll off the assembly line. In 2009, GM once again revived one of the world's favorite muscle cars, with a stunning concept car that evolved into the new fifth generation Camaro.

This dynamic painting focuses on the classic lines of both the retro designed 2010 Camaro and it’s powerful predecessor, the 1969 SS 396. These incredible cars cross paths as a brilliant dawn crests the horizon and a dark storm deepens the stunning hues of the early morning sky. High impact colors and the reflective surfaces of a rain slick road, give us a remarkable glimpse at both cars from the front and back!

Michael on "Blast By The Past"

“I've always liked the Camaro, even owning and restorng a '73 at one point. When I saw the aggressive lines of the new retro body style, I knew I was going to do another painting! I wanted to bring across the idea of classic and new — a 'back to the future' kind of a thing — bringing the viewer from then to now. That's why I utilized the big sky, to symbolize a dramatic past and a bright future. And taking artistic license with the reflections, let me demonstrate how closely related the two are. Although set in the mid-west, the color palette was inspired by our recent trip to the Sedona Valley in Arizona."- MICHAEL IRVINE

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